Top 10 pictures of Gisele Bundchen in high heels

Gisele Bundchen for Stuart Weitzman, Spring Summer 2015

Gisele Bundchen is arguably the most famous fashion model ever. She is for certain the highest paid model ever. And now she is hanging up her high heels so to speak.

Gisele Bundchen is born in Brazil on July 20 1980. In 1993 she joins a modeling course with her sisters because her mother insists. A year later Gisele is discovered by the Elite modeling agency and slowly but surely her fashion model career starts to grow.

For her big break is consider her catwalk at the 1998 Alexander McQueen fashion show during the spring. It features a slippery runway with water on which the models have to wear very high heels. Gisele handles this with no problems at all. McQueen calls her “the Body” and her bookings skyrocketed. She is also famous for the “horse walk” where the model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front as she walks.

By the year 2000 she signs a record-breaking contract with Victoria’s Secret making her one of the fashion house’s Angels. In no time Gisele Bundchen becomes the most popular Victoria’s Secret Angel ever and the highest paid one.

For the past few years Gisele has been a free agent, but managed to maintain her highest paid status. She also focused more on her charity work.

In March 2015 Gisele Bundchen announced she is retiring from modeling. She will instead focus more on her family and special projects if the timeframe is good enough. This means that we may again see her on the runway but for very special occasions. We will continue to see her in ad campaigns though.

We decided to pay a small tribute to Gisele Bundchen but in our own way. Instead of showing you her most famous runway pictures yet again, we decided to take a look at Gisele ouside the catwalk. Well, the pictures are not exactly 10… but consider it a bonus.

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