Top 10 things men like about high heels

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Men are known to like women in high heels a lot. But why? What are the reasons and what do they like the most about heels? We set to find out by asking them.

Then we also looked up some other similar surves done by other people. And to cap it all off we looked up some reasearch in the field. One such study was made by the University of Portsmouth. Bascially it was scientifially proven men like women in high heels and will always notice their footwear even if they don’t way anything about it.

But what are the reasons? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder holds truth here. Many men have different reasons for why they like women in high heels. Some have more than one. Some have very complicated answers and other “simply like them”. When taken all into consideration, we have the results.

Here are the top ten things men like about high heels

1. High heels ooze femininity. Even though the history of heels shows that they were first worn by men, today these shoes are all about women. For many men today there isn’t an item that is more feminine that high heels. Seeing a woman in heels they see a woman with the volume up to 11.

2. High heels make a woman’s legs slimer, longer and seem more fit. You don’t need to be a scientist to see that. Simply put your heels on and check your legs out. They do look better.

3. Heels simply are sexy. There are so much different types and designs of high heeled shoes and all of them look to make a woman look better. They make her (you) sexier. Every man likes sexy. Plus heels show you like to look good and feel sexy which many men find… sexy.

4. Higher heels suggest confidence if worn right. If you know how to walk gracefully in heels, you will be a real head turner. Many men like a woman who feels confident in herself and knows how to present herself properly.

5. Really high heels are bold. Some designs are really out there and they go against the rules. Other heels just seem to send a really bold message when they are sky high and overly sexy. Every now and then a man likes to feel thrilled and impressed by a woman’s boldness.

6. Heels change the posture and accent on the woman’s curves. Put on a pair of heels and not only your legs change but your entire posture. Your belly goes in, your back is straight, that is if you walk properly. They give your butt a nice round up. Simply said your whole body tends to look a little bit tuned for attracting the male attention.

7. Heels force a more sexy and feminine walk with a bigger swaying of the hips. Scientists say men tend to walk with wider, slower strides and more upper body movement. Women on the other hand tend to walk with shorter, faster steps and more hip movement. To wear heels properly you need to walk with shorter steps and use your hips. So if you do it right, you look both more feminine, sexier, confident.

8. Heels can look classy. Not all men like women with sky high stripper-like heels. Some men like women with class and position. A pair of black stilettos with the right outfit can tell a man you’re exactly such a woman. Plus as you can see heels are a must for every offiicial event with long evening dresses and so on.

9. High heels sometimes give a nice tip about the wearer’s personality. Many men tend to judge a woman by her shoes. If they see you in a pair of sky high colorful or glass platforms they will think you’re most likely an easy pickings or working on the clock. It doesn’t matter that in most cases men actually do judge a woman by her shoes wrong. They still think they are right and they like that.

10. A simple change of pairs can change your look completely. Believe it or not, men tend to care how do you look when you’re with them. It doesn’t matter for what. So lets say you’re having some sexy time and things doesn’t seem to flow like normal. Put on a pair of heels or boots you know he likes and observe the difference. Or simply change your sneakers for black pumps and combine them with your slim blue jeans. He’ll feel proud you see him special enough to be giving your look a little upgrade.

Well, those are the top ten things men like about high heels. Now you know and you can plan and choose your look accordingly.

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