Top five Christmas gifts for the high heel lover

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Top five Christmas gifts for the high heel loverKnow someone who loves high heels? With the holidays approaching, you might be in need of some Christmas gifts for the high heel lover.

Here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts for the high heel lover. Some are expensive, some are pretty cheap but still cool.

Deciding what to get a high heel lover for Christmas needs a little thought. What does she like? What she wears most often? Does she loves to look very different from the others? Is she lively and funny or serious? What is your budget? Taking all of these things into consideration is very important.

Here are top five Christmas gifts for the high heel lover

A pair of high heels

Kinda obvious, really. According to Style the number one gift this year for any high heel lover is a pair of Louboutin pumps.Two issues with that. First, they cost more than 1000 dollars. Second, if you are not absolutely sure about her size and ability to wear sky high heels, then you may run the risk of giving her a pair of shoes she can’t really use.

You can go with a more modest pair, especially if you have noticed that she likes them or ones that are similar. If she’s more brave, then you can try your luck and get her some more daring heels with higher platforms and thinner heels for example.

A pair of boots

Another obvious one. If you know she really likes boots, then this is THE gift for her. The good thing with boots is you can go a size too big and it won’t be much of a problem. Don’t go for the smaller size if you are split between two sizes. But you will have to also note her legs and preferences – does she wear skin tight boots or ones that are looser?

As for the type of boots… It is all up to your knowledge of what she likes. You can get her something that is trendy right now, or go for something you know she would like no matter the design.

Ankle Chain

If the lady in question loves a bolder look you can get her some extra accessories for her high heels. Like an ankle chain. It is similar to an ankle bracelet but some extra chains fall onto the back of the heel for a more provocative and bolder look.

Shoe clips

On the other hand, if the lady loves a more girly and feminine look, then why not get her a pair of shoe clips? They come in all kinds of designs, moslty like small jewels, bows and so on. They can easily be clipped on most types of high heels giving them a more personal touch.

Shoe rack

Is the lady in question a very big high heel lover? Does she complain she has no more room for her shoes? Why not get her a shoe rack? There is a very big selection of various rack available in most furniture stores. Some racks are made out of fabric and can be hanged on the door and can accomodate about 20 pairs. There are other racks for attaching on the wall, special racks for boots and so on. It all depends on your budget and preferences.

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