Top high heels for New Year’s Eve parties

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Top high heels for New Year's Eve parties
Image credit: Lucchese

Want to look stylish and glamorous on New Year’s Eve? You will need a special pair of high heels. Here are a few top choices that will look great on you.

Wearing high heels for New Year’s Eve parties can be a double-edged sword. On one hand you want to look your best, be sexy and confident. On the other, a whole night of dancing and standing up and walking can be quite tiring for your feet.

This is why it is important to chose your heels carefuly in accordance with the type of party you will be attending. If there would be a lot of dancing, it is best to go for lower and/or chunkier high heels for example.

If you would be going to a more formal event with sitting, then you may opt for high stilettos. If you’re planning on partying on the town square then opt for low heel boots which would be both comfy, warm and will give you more support on your ankles.

But what if you’re confident in your abilities to endure a long night of proper partying in the highest possible killer heels? Or you want to properly stand out at the formal event? Here are some choices by the New York Post for top high heels for New Year’s Eve parties.

The top high heels for New Year’s Eve parties

We start with these beauties. They are Giuseppe Zanotti Design sandals which you may get Farfetch for example. They are a little pricey at 565 dollars but you would stand out everywhere. Plus the ankle strap will give you more support and would make the heels better for dancing.

Image creidt: Farfetch

Up for something a bit more modest but still sexy? How about the Perfection Premium Sandals from TopShop? At 110 bucks they are quite cheaper and yet look quite good. The added slight platform at the toes would make them a little easier to walk on rough pavement for example.

Image credit: TopShop

Looking for something even more unsual but at the same time sensible? How about glittering oxfords with chunky heels? These L’F TAC Gipsy BSG shoes from ILFLOR would do just the job. They would be great for a more retro look and for the long dance parties. Sadly they are a bit expensive at 320 dollars.

Image credit: ILFLOR

Too much glitter but still in the mood for something unusual? How about the Embossed Mules from CharlesKeith? At 53 dollars they are the cheapest of the bunch but combine classic design with an unorthodox form. Due to the open heels at the back the would probably not be great for dancing and long walks but would do nice at a formal event.

Image credit: Charles & Keith

But don’t fret if you want something that is suitable for wild club parties. We have a special selection of club high heels right here that will do great for New Year’s Eve parties too. Have fun and a Happy New Year!

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