Top seven facts about high heels

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Top seven facts about high heelsHigh heels have been around for a while. Being so popular they also have some interesting tidbits about them that are worth checking out. Lets check them out.

These facts about high heels are gathered from various sources. Some may be well known. Some you probably hear for the first time. Let us know in the comments below if you have found something new and interesting. Also if you know other cool facts about high heels, do share them.

High heels were first worn by men. At least this is the general opinion of historians. But they don’t wear heels now… at least not publicly.

It is all about the status. These days platform shoes are seen as sexy items, usually for “special occasions”. Or just as a way to give you a bit of extra height. But in the old days ancient Greeks used to wear them to signify status. Actors that specialized in playing tragedies were wearing platforms to signify their superiority over comic actors.

It is about the money now. These days high heels can also signify status but in a bit different way. According to a poll by in 2013, 71% ot women who make less than 40 000 dollars a year never wear high heels. 21% of ladies who make more than 150 000 dollars a year on the other hand wear heels every day.

You can also say that high heels signify status in an yet another way. The more expensive the shoe, the bigger the income, thus the status. At least that is the general thought although there are quite a few exceptions out there.

The red sole. Ever wondered why Christian Louboutin features a red sole on all of high high heels. There are various theories. According to The New Yorker, the reason is simple. The red soles are inspired by Andy Warhol’s drawing Flowers. In 1993 Louboutin wanted to make a shoe after the drawing but something was missing.

When the prototype of the shoe arrived, he was pleased with it but still couldn’t shake the feeling that “the drawing still was stronger.” He looked around and saw an assistant painting her nails a bright red color. He grabbed her nail polish and painted it all over the black sole of the shoe.

It’s an addiction. High heels are more than just shoes for many people. Women feel like some high heels are like collectors’ items, says Suzanne Ferriss, PhD in an inverview for Cosmopolitan. Thus why they proudly organize them and display them on special racks. You simply don’t do that with your sneakers, right?

Wedge in. Wedge shoes were quite popular for a while. They have been around for a while. Actually they were invented in the 1940s by Salvatore Ferragamo. The reason? Italy was suffering from economic sancions from many countries and Ferragamo could not purchase steel for his traditional high heels. Facing bankrupcy, he decided to experiment. So he took some Sardinian cork and glued it between the heel and sole. Thus the wedge shoes were born.

Booted. At first high heeled boots served some very practical purporses. For example cowboys loved them because it made it easy to both walk in the muddy fields but also the heels would fit great into the stirrup of the saddle. It was giving great stability which is vital for horse riding. With the expansion of fashion in various walks of life and the slow but sure process of women starting to wear more and more high heels for appereance purporses, it was a matter of time until all kinds of high heeled boots showed up. Lovely actually.

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