Top tips when buying high heels

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buying high heels
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Do you want to get the most out of your money? Of course you do. The same goes for when you’re shopping for high heels. We’ve put together some top tips on what to look for when buying high heels.

These tips cover the classic case of buying high heels in a normal store. For online shopping check this out.

First we begin with some classic basics.

What to do before buying high heels

The first order of business would be to measure your feet. Why do that when you’re going to try the shoes anyway? Because usually stores and mainly brands use different types of sizes. So you may be size 4 for brand A but size 5 for brand B. This is especially the case when shopping in different coun

Also the body is not cast in metal. It is flesh and it has different properties. One of your feed may actually be a different size and thus you won’t find any shoes that feel perfect out of the box and would need to personalize a bit.

Keep in mind that there are certain types of high heels that might not be best for you. For example if you have large ankles, don’t go for high heels with ankle straps, because it will make them look even larger due to the strap. Slingbacks are fine though.

Ladies with shorter legs should avoid buying high heels with T-straps. Instead look for open toed shoes, nude colored high heels and even stilettos with a small platform. These will make your legs look even longer.

For ladies with wide feet buying high heels with round toes would be best as it will be the most comfortable.

It is best to try out shoes towards the end of the day. It is then when the feet swell the most and you would get the best idea how would you feel if you spend the entire day with the said shoes.

Also, don’t forget to walk around and make a few steps with the shoes you’re trying on. While you do that you may ask about the store’s return policy.

The moment of buying high heels

Great, you’ve found the best pair of high heels. They are comfy and you want them. But hold on.

While it may seem tempting to buy them on the spot, don’t rush. First check the pair out for flaws. Look how the sole is attached to the shoe. Is it evenly glued or sewed in place? Are there any other issues in the finish?

Do the heels have rubber caps? While not mandatory that would make them more stable and less likely to slip. Some high heels come with basically no grip whatsoever. They would not be suitable for a day out and should be only worn for special event where you wouldn’t walk too much.

Next pay attention to the insole and lining. Is it well made and well placed? Does it cover the entire inside of the shoe? If it doesn’t they won’t be that comfortable for long walks.

If you’re satisfied with the quality and the materials, then by all means go for it and buy the high heels. If you have doubts then just ask for another pair or look for something else. This is your own money you’re spending on buying high heels and you should be getting the best.

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