Trend alert: Block high heels are trying to make a comeback

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Trend alert: Block high heels are trying to make a comebackBlock high heels tried to be all the rage last year, but never really caught on. They are trying their chance again this year, since the retro look will be in style.

According to StyleCaster, suede block heels will be “the shoe you will see everywhere this fall”. This time though there is a difference. Last year (and this spring) block high heels were still pretty high. Actually they were sky high and maybe that is the reason why they didn’t really catch on.

On one side, they weren’t all that easy to walk in when they are so high and thick. Second, they didn’t really pull of the job a high heel must be doing – making your feet seem even more feminine, even more gentle and sexy. In fact, high block heels were making you look a bit clumsy and were pretty “busy”.

StyleCaster thinks high heels have reached their peak heights so in order to find new ways to make them interesting, designers are going lower. And block heels look better when they are lower. Plus then they can actually be comfortable and are much more stable.

Reed Krakoff Chelsea Boot

So far several designers, including Stella McCarney, Comme des Garcons and others, have introduced low-ish block high heels for their fall collections. With suede being the preferred material this fall, along with the retro look, this time blocky high heels might just “click” with ladies around the world.

Do you think this is possible? Given how many women still stick to the classic stilettos, platforms and wedges, it seems unlikely that block high heels would catch on, despite trying yet again. But if more and more designers start to offer such choices, then you never know… We might be loking at a new trend that will take a while to develop, but then it could stay for quite a while… To be perfectly honest, we think that at best blocky high heels would take a sizeable piece of the piece of the pie but they won’t be able to take the crown from stilettos.

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