Trend alert: Boots from the 1960s are in for Fall 2015

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Trend alert: Boots from the 1960s are in for Fall 2015
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The so-called Mod boots are back! Trends for Fall 2015 suggest boots from the 1960s will be in style this year. Should you bring out your mojo? Lets find out.

Are the Mod boots back? According to Footwear News, yes. The 60s will be all the rage. The Valentino haute couture capsule collection for example shows of such boots for their pre-fall 15 selection. Yes, pre-fall. So designers are actually planning on having the Mod boots stick around for a while it seems.

This means get used to the block high heels, rough platforms, go-go cuts and bright colors. They are going to be everywhere if we go by the expectations of the fashion experts. Not only because Mod boots are going to be picked by the designers. But also by the ladies. The reason is that with their chunky heels and platforms, boots from 1960s are very comfortable to wear.

These types of boots also allow for a lot of creative expression. You can have them in all kinds of colors and fabrics. Shiny patent? No problem. Denim? Great. Suede? Sure. You name it, a  pair of Mod boots can be that.

There is also no problem with the heights. Both in the heel and platform department and in the shaft. So if you want, you can wear a pair of thigh high bright blue leather high heeled boots and it will be more than OK (given that the rest of your outfit also screams 1960s).

You can also wear a very, very low cut booties with big chunky heavy heels. You can even have an ankle strap on the booties. Even have the heels in a different, darker color than the main part of the shoe.

So, if you like to properly stand out from the crowd, and also choose wild and daring boots and colors, then the boots from the 1960s trend for Fall 2015 will be just for you.


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