Trend alert: Grandma high heels may be a thing

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Grandma high heels are becoming somewhat of a trend amongst designers and fashionistas. What are grandma heels? Let’s find out!

The Huffington Post says grandma high heels will be one of the top trends for spring 2016. While the name sounds strange, there’s nothing “grandma-ish” about the shoes.

In fact they are practical shoes with low high heels, often blocky or cone-shaped. The low heel eases the strain on the foot  and actually can be good for the muscles. The flatter surface on the heel gives more stability and makes walking even easier.

Grandma heels are called like that, because they follow the other fashion trends for more restrained look and even Victorian motives. Most designers already have shown such shoes in their collections.

Would they become a massive trend? It remains to be seen. They certainly have that chance, since they are way more stylish and comfortable than flats, look great everywhere and don’t bring the massive discomfort most women feel from sky high heels.

Stylish shoes made for walking! Now that is something everyone can get behind of! It will leave dressy glamorous heels for special events and provide much needed style and comfort for everyday life. Nicely done. Now all that is left is ladies everywhere to accept this trend.

This may be a challenge since they didn’t really accept flats or blocky heels that were supposed big trends for the past couple of years. Ladies didn’t really go for the 60s mod heels and boots that should have been trendy this past fall either. So grandma heels will have their work cut out if they want to win the hearts of women.

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