True Gault makes custom high heels for your feet

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True Gault makes custom high heels for your feet
Image credit: True Gault

We are almost certain that you have at least once found a pair of stunning high heels that you loved and… could not wear, because they hurt. Or because they are not available or for whatever other reason. Or maybe you have a few designs of your own that always dreamed about what would they look like in real life and on your feet?

The company True Gault can make your otherwise impossible heels possible. True Gault makes the heels your dream of especially for you. Each pair will be modeled exactly after your feet to ensure the best fit possible.

For this to happen you first have to attend a custom fitting event. The company keeps a regular schedule of such events on its website and you can also host your own event if you can get at least 10 of your friends to participate too.

At the event people from the company will take a 3D scan of your feet with a special machine. It takes about five minutes and all you have to do is stand on the machine. Then a specialist measures for feet. All details will be taken into account including the fact that most often than not one foot is a different size than the other. Then you’re done.

Your data will be in the database of the company and you can just order new pairs of heels without going for new measurements. Although, it would be nice to have your feet remeasured in a year or so or after big changes like pregnancy, losing or gaining weight and so on.

Then comes step two. You can browse the company’s 3D design tool and create the heels you want. There are nearly 20 ready made styles which you can personalize with different colors, different leather types, prints, suede, fabrics and so on.

Then you have to wait a few weeks until the shoes are made and shopped to you. The company guarantees a true fit of all of its shoes. So if you have a problem it will take care of it as many times as necessary until you’re satisfied with the result.

The shoes are handmade in Spain and use genuine materials. They also come with a set of extra heel tips just in case.

“We are redefining the way women think and feel in high heel shoes. Women no longer need to sacrifice fashion for comfort. With our custom true fit formula and scanning device women can work in high powered jobs all day long in their high heels with out aches and pains”, says True Gault’s CEO and founder Sandra Gault.

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