Uma Thurman looks superbly elegant in a long dress and high heels in Cannes

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Uma Thurman has also had a great style. She showed the best of it during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Especially during the closing ceremony.

There Uma appeared in a stunning elegant dress and high heels. She also showed off a slightly changed and updated look, too.

It was a look which made her as confident as ever. Uma really played up her outfit and look with a great amount of confidence.

This provided the photographers with some great spots. And the results were quite impressive.

Uma’s dress was a combination of sheer and fringe and was in gold. It had a high split above her left leg which made walking easier and her look more daring.

The dress was long and well fitted and Uma loved to play with it. She turned around fast several times to make the dress sway and flow around her in various ways.

She did all that while rocking a pair of strapped elegant high heels. They were golden and added that extra elegance to her look.

Uma styled her shorter hair straight and opted for a dash of makeup without going overboard.

The end result was quite impressive and she definitely stole the spotlight when she appeared for the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival.

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