Valentino’s Rockstud high heels are becoming a lasting trend

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Valentino's Rockstud high heels are becoming a trend
Image credit: Hipp Palu / Flickr

Valentino’s Rockstud high heels have proven to be very popular. They have doubled the sales of the company and already have quite a few cheaper alternatives.

Speaking with Valentino creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli said the Rockstud high heels have made an impact immediately after the company first introduced the design back in 2010.

They say they were somewhat surprised by the huge interest towards the Rockstud high heels, that continues even today, five years later. This is a very long time in the world of fashion. Yet, the Rockstuds are still favorites amongst women all over the world. They are of particular favorite of fashion bloggers.

“Rockstud, camouflage – everything we’re doing is because we want to create a world, elements that you recognize as the Valentino style”, says Chiuri. One of tha goals is to expand this Valentino world outside the red carpet and into the real world as well. So far it seems to be working. Just for this last year the sales of accessories have increased 36%.

This is why the answer why the company is keeping the Rockstud style for five years now sounds very logical. “We never think to do something only for one season. We want to speak a language that speaks about style, and that becomes timeless. Our inspiration is to create something that you want to have with you for your life, forever. I think that if you are a designer, this is what you really want”, adds Chiuri.

That Valentino style seems to be loved by the competition as well, notes Bustle. There are already quite a few cheaper alternatives of the Rockstuds that won’t put a massive dent in your bank account.

One of them is BCBG Pumps. They have a more restrained and causl look and are not as daring as Valentino’s Rockstuds. Their full name is BCBGeneration Darron Pump and sell for 80 dollars.

BCBG Studded pumps

The Ur A Stud Double T-Strap Heels are even cheaper. They sell for 23 dollars and have even less studs for a more casual look.

T-strap studded heels

The third alternative are the Studded T-Strap Dress Sandals. They sell for 39 dollars and have studs that are matching the main color of the shoes. This makes them more toned down, but still eye-catching. They are also the most closest to the original Rockstuds above.


So these are the alternatives. Well, some of them. if you look around you will for sure find many more. Since the Rockstuds are becoming a long lasting trend, you will be seeing such shoes for a while to come.

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