Versace kicks off the Paris Fashion Week with new “athletic” collection

Versace had the honor of kicking off the 2016 Paris Fashion Week and did it with a collection, inspired by athletes. Don’t worry, high heels are still here.

The collection is still very elegant and as high fashion as it gets. Long dresses and stylish high heels take a sizeable chunk of the collection as you can expect from Versace.

The “athletic” part is that the lines and the forms of the outfits are inspired by athletes and their equipment. The idea is for the clothes to be as comfortable as possible, without compromising their looks. “Athletic Couture” features dresses with ergonomic lines which traced the models’ curves, harness straps and white ski pants and matching zip tops highlighted with orange go-faster stripes all of which could loosely be termed sporty, but Versace thinks so.

“I was thinking about women at their most focused and dynamic … women who push themselves to the limit… This collection is one of the most complicated, sophisticated and technically accomplished that we have ever created”, Donatella Versace says to The Guardian.

So while you may struggle to see the sports and athletic function of the clothes, it should be there. They do look good, though. The high heels were also on point with ankle strapped colorful pairs being one of the main choices. Always properly matched color-wise to the outfit. It seems the time for experimenting with shoes in a drastically different color than the outfit is gone.

As you can expect, quite a lot of famous models walked the runway for Versace. Quite a lot of celebrities attended the fashion show as well. Here are some of them. Also, at the end is a short video with highlights from the Versace 2016 Paris Fashion Week show. So don’t miss it!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked stunning in a long blue dress and sparkling high heels with thick ankle straps.

Joan Smalls rocked a intricate outfit in orange with matching high heels with ropes instead of straps.

Rita Ora had already got her hands on a similar outfit only without the sparkling.

Irina Shayk wowed in a long stylish lace dress and matching high heels.

Gigi Hadid rocked the suits collection with matchin heels.

And the video highlights:

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