Victoria Beckham impresses with her street style in high heels in New York

Victoria Beckham impresses with her street style in high heels in New YorkVictoria Beckham is very selective with her appearances these days. Even so, she still makes them count. Especially with her latest street style in New York.

Victoria still wears high heels despite saying she’s hanging them up a couple of years ago. Well, she then clarified she will rock heels only for special events.

But you can’t really stop a true high heel lover. So, Victoria’s “special events” are quite often. It seems that her initial announcement was more to get the raised eyebrows away after she started to wear more sneakers with everyday outfits, too.

Whatever the case, the important part is that Victoria still wears high heels. And she still knows how to make an outfit stand out.

Victoria was out and about in midtown New York yesterday. She rocked a very interesting long dress featuring pinstripes, white, blue and beige colors all over.

The dress looked light and comfortable and was quite stylish on Victoria. She also added more style points with her light-green high heels.

The shoes featured medium-height thin heels, pointed toes and were a classic pumps style. Victoria rocked a pair of big sunglasses which kept her makeup style well hidden. She rocked her hair in a small bun and parted at the middle for an elegant stylish look.

A small white clutch bag completed her classy and elegant look. Overall Victoria looked very elegant and fashionable as always. A great style which would work great for both business meetings and casual days out and about.

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