Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld look stunning at the HFPA and InStyle Golden Globe Awards Season

Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld once again wowed with superb fashion style and matching amazing high heels. That was at the HFPA and InStyle Golden Globe Awards Season Celebration.

Both celebrities attended the special event and made sure they will make it even more special. Both celebs are well known for their fashion sense.

They brought their A-game on the event and looked fabulous. First, we begin with Hailee Steinfeld.

She opted for a very stylish short and fitted grey dress. It featured an interesting long side accent which added an asymmetrical look to the dress.

Hailee rocked a matching pair of stunning and daring silver strapped high heels. She oozed confidence and smoking hot. Hailee optedĀ  for a stylish hairstyle keeping her hair tight. Some accenting daring makeup completed her absolutely stunning look.

Victoria Justice also wowed with incredible style. She rocked a fitted long lack dress. It featured several splits at the bottom and was well fitted at the top.

Victoria rocked a pair of strapped high heels. They were quite high but Victoria handled them with ease. She also kept her hair tight, but in a ponytail.

The young star also opted for accenting makeup. She was shining with a big smile and charm. Both celebrities really did impress with their looks and outfits. Great job!

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