Victoria Justice and Margot Robbie impress in heels at the 29Rooms opening night of Refinery 29

She’s back! It’s been a awhile since we’ve seen Victoria Justice here! But she makes a return along with Margot Robbie at the Refinery29 event in LA.

Victoria Justice, Margot Robbie and a few other celebrities were at the special event. And event which had quite the long name: 29Rooms opening night of ‘Refinery 29: Turn it into Art’ and it was in ROW DTLA.

It was quite the party. Victoria was among the most active celebs at the event. She took quite a few pictures both outside and inside.

And she had an interesting style to boot. Yes, she was rocking a pair of black suede booties. They had wider, but high heels which made them more comfortable to wear.

Victoria teamed the footwear with an interesting long layered dress. It was a black dress with lots of overlapping asymmetrical layers and small hearts printed all over. For some parts of the event Victoria was also wearing a black leather jacket to complete the style.

She kept hair long and loose with some added volume, but not too much. Justice also kept true to her traditional makeup style of accented eyes with eyeliner and red lipstick without going overboard with it, either.

Margot Robbie on the other hand opted for a more brave style. Margot’s outfit started off restrained with a black turtleneck shirt. She then added a cropped leather and suede jacket with brown leather panels on the shoulders.

Margot then teamed that covering and top-heavy outfit with a pair of black leather hotpants along with a wide brown leather belt. They were quite short and pointed the attention to her toned legs.

For an even more powerful look, Robbie was rocking a pair of black high heels. The shoes were a classic style with pointed toes and thin heels which Margot handled with ease.

She also left her hair loose and styled in an elegant slightly curly shape. Robbie opted for heavier earrings to add to her look. She also preferred light makeup for the event with a dash of eye shadows and discrete lip gloss. Definitely a great look.

Also a special mention goes to Peyton List. She is seemingly going through a slight fashion transformation.

Lately Peyton has been opting for more and more daring outfits. Here is the latest example of this at the 29Rooms event.

Peyton was rocking a daring denim jumpsuit with a open deep V-neck which was showing off a lace top. The then teamed the outfit with a heavy winter leather jacket.

The footwear was also quite daring coming in with thigh high fabric boots. Judging by the look in her eyes, Peyton was feeling quite confident in the attire. So, we should expect her style to become quite more daring.

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