Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev impress in very different styles and heels at the same event

We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice at the same event. This happened at the Harper’s BAZAAR party in Hollywood.

Victoria and Nina have had similar styles and appearance for a while. But now, they seem to have gone towards different style.

Victoria is going for added sexappeal and this time she has even gone for some cheeky accessories. Nina on the other hand went for a more restrained and conservative style.

Victoria opted for a more daring fringed golden dress. It had a very deep V-neck and a short skirt reaching above mid-thigh. To add some extra femininity, Victoria opted for a medium wide black belt around the waist.

She went for a pair of elegant classic pumps. The shoes had pointed toes and very high, thin heels at the back. And they looked a size or so too big. Victoria seemingly felt extra playful as she added a provocative ankle bracelet, as well.

She kept her trademark long straight hair and added accenting makeup with eyeliner and eyeshadows to complete her look. Quite impressive.

Nina Dobrev on the other hand, preferred a more restrained outfit. She rocked a fitted long black dress in a classic retro styled dress. It had long sleeves and reached the knees in a flared style. And it was completely closed.

She added some further old western style to her look with a pair of lace-up mule-like high heels. But they also had some very thin and high heels which brought them to modern times.

Nina kept her now short hair loose and combed over. She added minimal eyeshadows and eyeliner, but opted for more accenting lipstick. Two very different styles from Nina and Victoria, but both good enough to be remembered. Nicely done from both ladies.

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