Victoria Justice impresses with a casual but elegant sporty street style in New York

Victoria Justice has always had a great fashion style and sense. This is also evident in her latest street style from New York. Victoria impressed in a simple, yet casual and elegant sporty outfit.

It was an interesting outfit, which could definitely go in the “Yay or Nay” section for some. For us, though, it’s a definite “Yay”, hence why we skipped the category.

It’s a casual style classic with the personal touch of Victoria. Actually, this is what makes an outfit great – when you use established trends and styles, but then add your own personal taste and touches to them.

For her street style look, Victoria used a pair of sporty pants with colorful stripes on either side. The pants were looser with a high-waist.
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Victoria teamed them with an elegant green shirt. It was a slightly cropped shirt, showing off Victoria’s belly.

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On top of this, Justice rocked a classic biker leather jacket. She also had a black leather backpack.

Finally, her footwear. Victoria rocked a pair of medium-height booties. She loves the lace-up style and kept true to it for these booties, too. The shoes featured slightly pointed toes and leather stripes at the top. They were elegant and comfortable and completed Victoria’s elegant, but casual and sporty street style.

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