Victoria Justice looked incredible in gladiator boots during the New York Fashion Week kick off

Victoria Justice continues to improve her style. She finds new ways to look better and better. Her latest win is with an elegant outfit and gladiator boots.

Victoria rocked the stylish ensemble during the kick off event of the New York Fashion Week. It is the big and glamorous week where all of the US top fashion designer will show off their latest collections.

This is the place to be for all celebrities who like fashion and that’s quite a lot of them. So expect to them in some glamorous, high fashion and even crazy outfits in the next few days.

Victoria Justice is definitely among the celebs who will stick to the glamorous and stylish. She showed her taste once again n a very chic and elegant outfit.

The outfit featured a classic black dress with a low cut, but going longer than you might expect. The dress reached below Victoria’s knees where it almost met with a pair of black high heeled gladiator boots.

The boots had some quite high heels, but nothing Victoria couldn’t handle with obvious ease. She rocked a slightly retro look with an interesting hairstyle featuring a bun.

Victoria completed her glamorous looks with a black clutch bag and discrete but accenting makeup with eyeliner and lipstick. Overall a very stylish and elegant outfit and look. Something we’ve grown to expect from Justice at these types of events and she didn’t disappoint. Well done!

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