Victoria Justice suffers high heel malfunction as she walks the runway for Rebecca Minkoff

If there’s a guarantee for something is that your high heels can and will break when you need them the most. Victoria Justice experienced that on the runway.

Victoria walked the runway for Rebecca Minkoff and her fashion show in Los Angeles. Justice rocked a few outfits which were a great combination of style and casual.

One of them featured a black miniskirt with studded jewels and a frilly black top. It was teamed with a pair of strapped lace-up high heels.

At first everything was great, but then the straps on her right heel came undone. Victoria didn’t miss a beat though and played up the high heel malfunction in her classic cheerful style. Happily, she didn’t trip in the long loose laces.

The next outfit was much safer. It featured a vintage style white dress, teamed with a blue scarf and beige booties. They had blocky wooden heels which Victoria rocked with even more confidence.

Victoria rocked her hair long and loose for her runway walks.

She added just a dash of accenting makeup and carried matching handbags for each outfit. All of them were ideal for casual days out and about and when you want to look extra stylish.


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