Vintage could be amongst the fashion trends of 2016

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Vintage could be amongst the fashion trends of 2016Victorian fashion, intricate shoes, maxi clothes and other vintage clothes could be amongst the fashion trends for 2016. Let’s check them out!

Fashion in 2016 will take a page out of the past and will try to mix it with the current trends. This could provide for some interesting outfits and clothes throughout the year.

As for footwear, some analysts are saying that the fashion world has taken a break from high heels and will go for flatforms, flats and other similar shoes. Judging from how the year began and that celebrities continued to rock high heels in all shapes and sizes, we think it’s safe to say that high heels aren’t going anywhere.

According to The Gloss, this year the 1980s fashion will be a major point. It will follow the 60s and 70s ideas from 2015. But that’s not all. Victorian style will also make its way like ruffles, high necklines, lace. Loose fitting clothes and especially blouses will also be all the rage.

Maximalism in clothes is also taking a sizeable place in the fashion world. Over-the-top looks, long dresses and skirts, the more the better. Would this actually happen? We will se, it seems like quite a lot of women already are experimenting with longer clothes anyway.

For those of you who prefer better fits, don’t worry, there will be something for you too. Fitted crisscross tops are also shaping up to be a big trend. Other variations, too. Also unique and asymmetrical shirts. Plain white will be the color of choice for such brave shirts so not to distract too much.

If you want colors, then go for pastels. Pantone named Serenity (pale blue) and Rose Quartz (muted pink) as the two colors of 2016. So if you want to experiment with all kinds of pastels, even for your high heels, then go for it. Now is the time!

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