Walking in Stilettos is a company that teaches you how to walk in high heels

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Walking in Stilettos is a company that teaches you how to walk in high heels
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Still having trouble walking in high heels? Walking in Stilettos is a new company that will teach you how to do it. They even use a special method to help.

This is the so-called Alexander Technique. It is meant to teach people how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension during their everyday activities. The company claims that Walking in Stilettos Ltd is the first company ever of its kind that teach women how to walk in high heels with grace, elegance and ease using this technique and adapted to high heels.

Singer and songwriter Chyna Whyne is one of the supporters of Walking in Stilettos. After the prolonged wearing of high heels, Chyna developed chronic lower back pain. Refusing to give up her heels, Chyna trained as an Alexander Teacher, and during that time developed the concept of how to master the art of wearing high heels.

She says it is all about techinque. “Most women are out of balance,” she says. “Some lead with their hips, some lead with their chests, others stick their bottoms out.”

“Always do the rocking test in shops,” she says, tapping the back and sides of each shoe. If they rock, walk away.” This means that the high heels should not move or fall when you simply touch them. If they do, this means they are not balanced well and will be a nightmare to walk in.

“Stretch your toes and span them like a fan,” says Chyna. “Rotate the ankles to the left and right.” A good muscle warm up is essential before long wearing of high heels she adds.

Chyna can’t reveal the entire method, but shares a few tips on the company’s website:

– Make sure your shoes are stable. Stand them on a table with both heels facing you, then tap the heels. If they rock, don’t buy them.

– Always perform warm-up exercises first to strengthen feet and help prevent discomfort and injury.

– Check your posture. Make sure your head is on top of your spine (don’t jut your neck forwards) and your weight is anchored evenly in your heels.

– Turn the foot out and lead with the ball of the foot. It should touch the ground a split second before the heel. – This though is a bit counteractive to other theories that you should be walking heel-toe, naturally, so you may want to test out what works best for you.

– Carry a tennis ball in your handbag. On a dinner date or at work, slip your shoe off under the table and massage your feet with the ball. This helps release tension and keeps feet supple.

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