Watch this gorgeous lady set a world record for walking on rope in high heels

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Watch this gorgeous lady set a world record for walking on rope in high heelsIf you think walking in high heels on cobbled road is tough, think again! This Russian woman walked on a rope in heels and a dress to set a world record!

Russian performer Oxana Seroshtan sets a record for the Farthest tightrope walk in high heels, the Guinness World Records TV show reported. Oxana did that for the Italian edition of the show and made sure everyone will remember it.

She walked a total of 15 meters on the rope in at least 10 cm high heeled pumps. What’s more she didn’t simply walk on her toes on the rope. She made sure she was placing both the toes and her heel on the rope!

Futhermore, the rope was only 7.5 meters long. This meant, Oxana had to turn around and walk back to the start of the rope to complete her 15 meter goal.

And to make it even more challenging, Oxana had chosen a short and tight mini dress to make her look even more irresistible, but we guess that’s not the most ideal outfit for such a challenge. Anyway, she did manage to complete her goal with ease. All she had to help her was a fan in one hand as a balancing aid.

Oxana’s achievement is twice the previous record set by Chelsea McGuffin back in 2013. She is a circus artist so she has experience walking on tightrope. Even so, we imagine walking on it in stylish high heels was even more challenging.

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