What do girls who hate high heels think when they wear them

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We at GlamorousHeels.com admit we are kinda big fans of high heels. But we know not everybody likes them. What do girls who hate heels think when they wear them?

We were genuinely interested. But we couldn’t know. So when we came across the list made by Haute Talk about what do girls who hate high heels think when they wear them, we were immediately interested and we thought we should share it.

We do realize that sometimes you simply have to wear high heels as they are basically part of the protocol for some more formal events. These are the times when you can actually fix your relationship with your high heels but more often than not the opposite happens and you get even more convinced high heels are not for you.

So here are the thoughts and our take on them.

1. Coming to the realization you are going to have to wear high heels – if you do feel like this is the end of the world, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment before you even have touched your high heels.

2. Convincing yourself your high heels aren’t as uncomfortable as you remember them – if you have picked a badly fitting pair, they will be. Instead opt for other heels or improve the fit. Don’t just accept that it will be painful and go with it.

3. Thinking you can handle it for the first 20 minutes after you’ve put the shoes on – If you have taken precautions and have made them more comfortable, then it shouldn’t last 20 minutes. Another good precaution is to break in your heels and practice wearing them for a little while a few days before the event.

4. Feeling the first nudges of pain – By all means sit down and take a break. Sit in such a way that your feet and ankles don’t feel pressure. You can also wiggle them around a bit (including the toes) to relax them.

5. Thinking of walking barefoot because of the pain – Use some extra tricks to improve the situation. For example a nifty way to stand on heels pain-free. Or this little secret.

6. Looking around at other women in high heels who seem to have no problems at all – Some of them might be in your situation and are simply putting on a brave face. Others really love to wear high heels and feel great in them. People are different.

7. Vowing to never wear high heels again – Up until the next formal event that is. But next time, get some more time practicing in lower high heels first. Or simply wear kitten heels to the event. Most often than not the reason for you pain is that you jumped straight on the sky high killer heels with no preparation. Start low and increase the height slowly as you get used to it. And have a proper walk in heels which is vital to feel great in them.

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