What high heels should short girls wear

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What high heels should short girls wear
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It is logical that if you wear high heels you will be higher. But will you actually look higher? That depends on the type of high heels short girls wear.

Believe it or not you can make yourself look shorter (body proportion-wise) if you wear clunkier shoes for example. But there are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure that your high heels will make you look taller and sleeker.

It all starts with the heel type. Avoid chunky heels. You need thin stilettos that always look taller and longer than they are.

Chunkier shoes like wedges are more difficult to pull of in the height department and will depend a lot on the rest of your outfit. Platforms are also an option, but again, don’t go for too tall platforms as they will make the toe box chunkier. A low to medium height platform though will work great, plus it will offset the high heel height on your feet making it a bit more comfortable.

Also choose high heels with a lower cut on the feet. If you show more of your ankle and feet at the top, the sleeker you will look.

As for boots, there are various opinions on the subject. Some say never wear over-the-knee boots if you are short. Other say don’t wear calf high boots. The key here is to go for a tight fitting boot. Choose a pair that goes along your leg nicely and it is at least knee high. Thigh high boots can also work if paired with a relatively short dress or a flaring dress that reaches the boots.

If you are wearing booties (ankle boots) pair them with tights of the same color and/or a shorder dress or skirt. Usually darker colors work best to to create an elongated effect.

But if you want to wear some color, then go for the so-called nude color. Nude high heels will give you the desired appereance of extra height. They can even be with a bigger platform.

Another neat trick is to wear long slim pants with your heels. So long they even cover a little bit of your high heels. Thus people can’t tell just how high your heels are, but they see just a part of them (again, the heels should be thin) and you will look much taller.

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