What high heels to wear for a wedding

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What high heels to wear for a wedding
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Weddings come with their fair share of rules for the clothes and shoes. Lets take a look at what high heels to wear for a wedding. Both for brides and guests.

High heels and weddings go hand in hand. It is normal as weddings are the most formal type of events possible (for most people at least) and heels are some of the most elegant types of footwear imaginable (if chosen right).

So what high heels to wear for a wedding

There are two sides in a wedding – bride (inlcuding bridesmades) and guests. It is a common thought that you would like to add some height in order to make the long dress seem even sleeker and make you appear slim and sexy.

But a bride would also have to do a lot of standing around, walking around guests, dancing and etc. If you have enough experience with high heels, then by all means put on the shoes of your dreams and make your special day even more memorable. Your husband will also appreciate it, we guarantee it.

On the other side, there is nothing wrong to pick a pair of low kitten high heels. They will give you extra height without putting too much strain on your feet. So you can be both elegant and comfortable. Choosing chunky heels is also a nice option to give you extra stability. Especially if they stay hidden under a very long dress.

The same goes for bridesmades. Low high heels would be much easier for them to get through the day. And you don’t want them to get all the looks if they are all in killer heels, right? It is best to consult with your bridesmades what high heels to wear for the wedding.

Then there are the guests. If there is a dress code mentioned in the invide – then go with it. But if there isn’t, then you may choose something you like. If you are relatively close with the bride, you can ask her.

Usually it is tempting to put on a pair of killer heels. But again take note what the event will be – will there be seating or will it be a standing reception? Can you handle dancing in really high heels?

If you are not sure on what style to pick, it is best to stick with the classics. Pumps, stilettos and open toe high heels in classic colors can’t ever be wrong. Then again, you may want to be a little more brave or to show that the event is special to you too. Then you can take a look at these collections of high heels for a wedding.

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