What high heels to wear for Valentine’s Day

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What high heels to wear for Valentine's Day
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The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching. You want to look your best for the occasion so what high heels to wear for Valentine’s Day?

The options are quite a few. But you should know how to draw the fine line between looking classy and sexy and looking like you don’t know what you are doing. So picking up the right high heels to wer for Valentine’s Day is very important.

Ok, ok. So what high heels to wear for Valentine’s Day?

Glad you ask. Valentine’s Day is a bit different than other date nights. It is all about the love. So naturally red is the first color to come to mind. Red high heels, in any shape, size and form, are always an eye-catcher.

Problem is everybody knows that so you may think whereever you go you will see other women rocking red high heels. This is exactly why you most likely won’t since everybody are trying to escape from the look. So for the night out, don’t be afraid of putting your favorite pair of daring red high heels on. And for the night in… if he was good enough to you, a pair of shiny red platform heels or boots might be the perfect way to thank him.

Other popular color of choice is pink. It will look good on very daring heels though. So think sky high platforms and/or very tall stilettos.

The good thing about Valentine’s Day is that it also allows for some extra creativity. Since it is generally viewed as a special day, some special footwear won’t seem too much out of place. So you can now finally wear your black platforms with brigh yellow heels and glitter and other shiny accessories on them.

Printed heels also are an option. Silver and pattenrs can work too. Basically Valentine’s Day is the one day you can wear really high heels and platforms and get away with it. At least that is what a look through online shops is telling us as these are the kinds of heels retailers have on special offer for Valentine’s Day.

But still think twice before you roll up to a five star restorant in a pair of clear glittering platforms. They will do fine for a club. A pair of Jimmy Choo’s would work better for the restorant, we think. So pick your high heels in accordance with the place you will be spending the most of the time. For dancing, lower heels usually are more comfortable.

Also keep in min the rest of your outfit. Use the simple rule that the shorter the dress or skirt, the more NOT for a movie night, restorant visit it is. At least that what the general protocol says. If you do want to be as brave as possible and want to get your man crazy and feel good in your skin, then go all the way. But also be prepared for the added extra attention (which is not always nicely shown) that will come with the braver outfit matching the high heels you wear for Valentine’s Day.

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