What high heels to wear if you want to look taller

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What high heels to wear if you want to look taller
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Contrary to popular belief, not all high heels will make you look taller. It all depends on the type of heel and outfit you are wearing. Lets see the proper heels for that.

High heels can be sexy, provocative, classy, stylish… you name it. But they can actually make you look shorter even though you’re physically higher. How is that possible? It all depends on the color, type of heels and outfit.

For example brightly colored heels, especially with platforms, can draw attention to your feet and make them seem bigger. Combined with a pair of wide pants or a flare dress, and you can have the appearance of a shorter girl even though you’re still high in the sky.

This might not be a problem for taller women, but shorter gals could look clunky if that were to occur.

So what high heels to wear if you want to look taller and that is your main goal?

First, stick to the classics. Black shiny stilletos with thin heels would make your leg look slender and long. Chose shoes with a low-cut shape that show more of your feet. Nude colored heels also work great.

Avoid thick high heels, wedges and even heels with lots of straps. You can go for heels with very thin ankle straps as they can accent the slimness of your leg.

Another option is to go for platform heels. Here you can opt for straps as well. The heels should again be thin.

As for boots, again, always go for ones with thin heels. There’s nothing wrong with wearing ones with flat heels but we’re talking about how to look tall. Thin heels and a tight fit. But there are some things to consider.

First, if you wear calf high boots or ones a bit below the knee, you will actually make your legs seem shorter. In order to make them look as long as possible you have two options. First is to wear low booties on thin heels. Nothing higher than a couple of inches above the ankle.

The other option is to go really high. Fitted thigh high boots will make your legs seem slender, thin and going for days. Be careful with what oufit you will wear them though, as you can “cut” them short and achieve the opposite effect.

And the outfits

A fitted dress that flares out at the end can have a good effect. A long coat, also. Wearing all one color is another nice trick if the color is black or a saturated hue, but the entire outfit must be fitted.

If the goal is to make you look taller, then you would have to be wearing longer stuff. Short shirts and skirts, while sexy, can make your body look like divided in sections. So it would be better to go for a more “flexible” look with flared jeans, dresses or skirts that are paired with your heels. Longer dresses with vertical stripes also can do the trick.

If you really want to wear a short skirt, then it must be really short. Not offensively short, but properly short. Maybe mid-thigh at the longest.

As for asymmetrical skirts and dresses, they could work but it greatly depends on the design. Flared and going from really long on one side to really short on the other side can work, especially with thin high heels. Short on both sides and long in the middle will not. Overlapping can work if a brighter color. Long on the back and short on the front, won’t do much.

High-waisted maxi skirts can also do the trick. The added benefit is that you can put on really high heels that would remain hidden for most of the time.

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