What high heels to wear with a little white dress

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The little white dress is a great choice for the spring time. It also sports the question what high heels to wear with a little white dress? Lets find out.

But first why is the little white dress so recommended? After all it is not a little black dress. It is not and that is a good thing because it gives you a huge world to explore.

For example you can pair it with colorful accessories, jackets and etc. And the high heels… well the room for experimenting is huge.

But also be careful! The little white dress is not as forgiving as the little black dress. This means that you can actually get it wrong and it will stick out like a sore thumb.

What you want to achieve is an outfit that flows together nicely. For example a white dress can be paired with silver, even gittering high heels. If they are with open toes, it might be even better.

The little white dress also looks good with nude colored high heels. Another option is heeled sandals or strappy heels.

Apart from silver, gold also works really well with white. For example a little white dress matched with a gold small purse, a thin gold belt and golden high heels is a great outfit that can work both as a day out shopping or hanging out with friends and for a party.

Other colors that work well are green, blue and black. Red is also an option, but be prepared for and extra amount of attention if you go with it.

For a more casual look wedges and a loose fitting dress is a nice option. Add a thin belt around the waist if you want to focus the attention there.

Platforms and killer heels also work great with a little white dress but this combination is best saved for club nights, parties. Unless you feel extra sexy on that given day.

What doesn’t work well with a little white dress? Sadly boots and booties and closed shoes in general. They give out a more serious vibe, maybe even a little strict and say that you mean business.

A little white dress on the other hand is all about the free, unrestrained look. Maybe even a little uncaring, but still sexy. So you see why it won’t work well with boots and booties, no matter their color.

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