What not to say to a woman in high heels

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What not to say to a woman in high heels
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High heels are one of the ultimate eye catchers and draw attention easily. Sometimes they draw stupid questions and remarks. Some of them are things you should not to say to a woman in high heels.

We agree that there are heels and heels. Some can really send the wrong message if they aren’t worn with the appropriate outfit or you can’t walk in them and they look simply like an ornament on your legs.

But more often than not women have put a lot of thought into picking their high heels or boots for the given outfit. So saying something dumb to them can really send the wrong (or maybe it is the right one?) message about you.

So here’s what people often say to women in high heels and really shouldn’t

Well, well, look at you!

There’s nothing wrong with complimenting her high heels. But say it straight forward: “I like your high heels very much” for example. By trying to be cheeky you come off a little condesending. Like “you look like you should be working the street” type of thing. And that’s offending.

Where are you going in these?

This one is even worse. The polite version would be “Oh, is there a party tonight?” Not all women chose bold sky high heels only for special occasions. So don’t act like their parent and hold them responsible for their own decisions that affect only them.

How can you walk in these?

Probably the most dumb thing to say, yet one of the most often said, if not the most often. It almost comes off naturally but really try to surpress it. She will almost always tell you she manages or that she is used to it. But she will feel uncomfortable no matter what she really feels.

If she really has no issues with her heels, but you ask her that, she will think she isn’t walking and handling her heels properly. And if she is struggling, she would feel even worse by being asked about it again and again. Instead simply compliment her.

Aren’t your feet killing you?

Another gem. She won’t say yes, because she knows the next question “Then why do you wear these shoes?” And what if she feels perfectly comfortable? She knows the person asking her won’t believe her anyway and is simply trying to poke at her and give her his or hers “expert advice”.

Oh, I wish I could pull it off too..

This is the polite way of saying “You look like a hooker and I will never, ever wear such heels”. The truth is nothing is stopping you from “pulling it off”. Unless you have a medical condition of some sort. But then you’d be saying that, right?

Aren’t these quite expensive?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Some people like to spend their money on the latest phones, others spend on clubs and parties, some save them and some like to buy nice high heels. It is the way the world turns. You don’t have to always agree with one’s decisions but you shouldn’t be acting all smarter than them or holding them accountable for every little thing they do. It is a free world.

So what should you say to a woman in high heels instead? Compliment her on her look and choice. Ask her who made the shoes or where did she got them from. If you’re close friends and you don’t like them, say it honestly. Don’t hide it behind polite or caring sounding phrases.

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