What outfits and high heels to pick for the holiday party season

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What outfits and high heels to pick for the holiday party seasonThe holiday party season is approaching fast. This means lots of parties with different settings and people. Here’s what outfit and high heels to choose.

The first thing you need to consider is of course the type of party you will be going to. Would it be an office party? Would it be a big corporate party with people from other companies and business partners? Or would it be a family gathering? A clubbing with friends? There will be so many different parties you will probably go to.

After you consider that, then learn details about the party. Will there be a theme? Or a dress-code? What venue will the event be held at? Will there be seating or it will be a standing event? These are all important details that have vast implications about your outfit and shoes.

If for example, there will be no seating, avoid killer high heels, especially if you have trouble handling them for longer. Instead opt for lower, sensible high heels or boots. Boots are a good option as they give more support to the ankles and make it easier to stand longer. Plus they keep your feet and legs warmer and they look great.

Sensible high heels are a good option for family gatherings, corporate events. Even for clubbing if you can’t really feel like dancing and walking in a pair of towering killer heels. But if you do want to look that little bit more daring, then opt for high heels with a platform. They will look more striking, will feel better and will be more comfortable as the angle on your ankle is reduced.

Colorwise, stick to classic colors for formal events. You can wear red or burgundy high heels too, if paired with a suitable outfit. Avoid red boots for formal event, though. Save them for a night out clubbing with friends. For clubbing all high heels and styles and patterns are a go.

The outfit is also pretty important. “The obvious gold glitter and firetruck reds are now ‘so last year. The key is to find the right texture and amount of embellishment”, Liverpool ONE fashion expert Jade Fung says to the Liverpool Echo.

“A perfect example is the Petrina trim dress from Coast. The co-ord effect waist is so flattering, especially for curvier, hourglass figures, and the embellished collar is just enough to keep the dress from looking boring. With this deep green colour, simplicity is the key”, she adds.

“The same goes for the cut-out pleated maxi dress from Miss Selfridge. Maxi lengths don’t have to be kept for formal balls and if you choose one with a sheer skirt it works just as well for the office Christmas party. A rich wine colour is sophisticated and classic, but avoid making it look too flat by adding a metallic touch with the accessories. We’re seeing more girls in midi and maxi lengths, so if you’re older and not keen on flashing the pins, you’ll be right on trend anyway!”

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