What skirts to wear with your high heels this spring (and summer)

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What skirts to wear with your high heels this spring (and summer)
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Maegan Tintari

Spring and summer are great times to experiment with different types of skirts. Pair them with the proper high heels and you have found a superb look.

According to LOOK there will be five types of skirts that will be superb for this spring and why not summer too. We took a look at them and thought about what high heels will be ideal to pair them with.

A big trend would be the tassels and fringed skirts. They are longer, sometimes reaching the ankles even with at least half of them cut up. This would create a mix of a tight fitting body shaping skirt and a loose fitting part. The goal here would be to make your legs looks long and slender so a pair of sky high thin heels would be idea. You don’t need to match the color of the high heels to the skirt but opt for colors that compliment each other well for a complete look.

Skirts with peplum hems are the second trend. These skirts are usually around knee length or a little bit above the knees. They can be vboth sexy and formal and it all depends on the color and fabric. Depending on the look you are going for you can use different high heels. For a casual everyday look, you can opt for wedges. For a more sexy look go for killer heels. A pair of classic pumps would be ideal for a office look.

Denim is back this year and that also means hello to lots of denim skirts. According to LOOK a preferred choice would be the denim maxi skirts. Especially long and fitted, maybe even with a front slit that can be decided on thanks to buttons. Maxi skirts also need a pair of high heels to offset the shortening look. A pair of brown strappy neels would work great. Wedges would work great too. Denim calls for more casual or cowboy look. You can wear very high heels too, but hey shouldn’t be with platforms or dressy.

The fourth type of skirt is the A-Line printed midi skirt. They come in various colors, usually bright and are great for evening semiformal parties and a sexy everyday look. Plain heels and pumps with no bells and whistles on them would be ideal. It is a bit ot a 70s look which needs a more plain look and feel.

Image credit: Paula Franco Cavani
Image credit: Paula Franco Cavani

Finally is the tulle skirt. It can come in all colors and it is usually calf length. It is high-waisted too wich makes them good for clowdy and more chilly days where you will wear a long-sleeved top too. You would need properly high-high heels though. Another option is high heeled ankle booties, maybe even with lace-ups.

Of course you can always wear other skirts and high heels too, but these are shaping up to be amongts the main trends for this spring (and summer).

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