What to do when your high heels break

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What to do when your high heels breakBroke your high heels while you’re out and about? This is a bad thing to happen and it will lead to a little extra repairs and effort. But what exactly to do when your high heels break?

First things first. Assure yourself your foot and ankle are OK. This is the most important thing.

If you’re feeling good, then it is time to deal with the issue of a broken high heel.


What to do when a high heel breaks

More often than not a heel breaks when you are walking outside. If it were to happen in the office, it could be an easy fix. But when you’re out it pays to be prepared.

First though, compose yourself. It would be very easy to get nervous, a little ashamed or angry at what has just happened. Relax, it’s not the end of the world. It may not even be the end of your heels.

Then try to gather all of the broken pieces. Sometimes a heel merely becomes loose and wiggly but it is still somehow attached to the shoe. Other times it will fall of completely at the base. But it can also break in half, bend and etc. It all depends on the situation and how the heel broke off.

Now examine the shoe. If the heel is nailed in place and fell of the nails, then put some superglue on the nails and place the heel back into the original holes. Hold it in place for a couple of minute until the glue dries up.

If the heel was just glued in place, then scrape as much from the old glue as you can and then reapply with superglue. Be careful not to get glue on the shoe as you might damage the material it is made out of.

Now you can put your shoes back on. Of course you can’t really put all of your faith in the now repaired shoe. Keep in mind this repair is temporary just to get you home. Place more of your body weight forward on the toes just in case. It will make walking a little more uncomfortable, but needs must.

If the heel seems unrepairable to you, then you have other options. You can continue barefoot, which we don’t really recommend. You can hail a taxi to get you to your destination, which would be better.

If you’re carrying an extra pair of shoes, then you’re good to go right then and there, but that’s not always the case. But it could be a nice idea to keep an extra pair of shoes in your car or office. Just in case.

Also, keep in mind that you should take the broken high heels to a professional shoe fixer to take a look at them. In most cases they will be able to fix the broken heels or even replace them completely (just the heels, not the shoes).

If you’re lucky there will be one close by where the incident happened and they will be able to fix them for you for a few minutes. If not, fix the shoe temporarily as described above, until you find a cobbler.

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