What type of high heels to wear for the New Year’s Eve party

Ah, New Year’s Eve. The one day of the year where the entire world parties continuously all over the place. And the type of party where pretty much anything goes fashion-wise as everyone aim to have fun, but also look good and unique.

Plus, many parties are themed and many people want to stand out and draw attention. As always, the footwear, especially high heels, have a vital part in achieving all of this.

But it’s also a more difficult task than usual. Most New Year’s Eve parties are quite dynamic with lots of standing around, walking, dancing. The proper choice of footwear is vital to make you comfortable and not only look good, but feel good, too.

Sadly, many women get this wrong and end up with sore feet or even walking and dancing barefoot, just to get away from the pain and discomfort. This happens mostly out of not enough “knowing yourself” and also overestimating your body.

We get it, though. A lot of ladies think “oh, it’s just one night of the year, I can handle it” and go for their highest and baddest high heels. The ones that are sure to draw attention and make you look like a million bucks. But, if you don’t feel good in the said shoes or can’t even walk in them properly, you will actually achieve the opposite results.

So, it’s vital to choose the right type of high heels for you. If you feel good, this will translate to your overall look and appearance. You can also “help” your high heels feel better on your feet.

Even if you know all of this though, it’s still very important to pick the right high heels for a night out. Especially a long party night like New Year’s Eve.

The right high heels for New Year’s Eve

The good thing about high heels is that there are so many shapes, sizes, styles. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you can find something right for you. So, we will leave the style choice and colors to your personal preferences.

Instead, we will focus on the more practical stuff. The types of heels to make you look and feel good.

For example, boots can be one of the best choices, especially if it’s cold. Well fitted, snug boots actually give extra support to the ankles. This can be very beneficial for dancing as it will make it easier and more comfortable on the dance floor and the entire night. Classic black knee high boots go great pretty much with everything and you can’t go wrong with them. Opt for rounded toes for extra comfort or slightly pointed toes for extra style.

You can also easily opt for over-the-knee or thigh high boots. They will keep your legs warmer, feet supported and can look stunning. If you worry about them being too provocative, pair them with a longer (below the knee) dress or skirt or pants. This way no one will be the wiser, despite a select few connoisseurs.

Or, maybe you want to be provocative. Then platform high heels and/or thigh boots with a tighter outfit are the way to go. There are many ways to style thigh high boots for elegant, provocative or mixed effects.

Speaking of platform high heels, they are actually in style now. They are also a good option, since they add the extra height, look great and lower the angle of your foot. This means you can go higher and remain lower which should make your feet more comfy. If they aren’t boots, opt for ankle-strapped shoes as they also give plenty of support for the ankle.

Finally, the type and height of the heel. It’s generally believed that the higher and the thinner the heel, the more elegant it is. Again, if you can’t walk or handle towering heels, you won’t look good. So, it’s better to keep it realistic for you. There’s nothing wrong or bad if you opt for kitten heels or wider heels or cone-shaped heels. There are so many styles and designs, you can mix and match them to find something that works for you.

You probably know your shoes quite well. But maybe you wear heels seldom or bought lots of new pairs lately. It’s best to do a test and spend a couple of hours around the house in the selected heels to see if they are comfy enough for you. This way you minimize the risk of being uncomfortable during the New Year’s Eve party. Above all else, fashion is meant to allow you to express yourself in style and comfort, not be in pain. So use this as a guideline when you pick your New Year’s Eve shoes.

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