What types of high heels to wear for the holidays

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What types of high heels to wear for the holidays
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The upcoming holidays will bring with them a lot of events. This means a lot of time spent on high heels. And this brings out the question what types of high heels to wear for the different events and still be comfortable?

It all depends on the types of events. Whether you would have to stand up for a long time for example. Or will there will be dancing? How will you get there and so on. Even what type of event is, counts.

So lets see what types of high heels to wear for the holiday events

First, the old adn classic rule still stands to reason. You should be wearing whatever you feel like. If you feel good in a certain type of shoe, then wear it as long as it is way to inappropriate for the occasion.

A classic 4- or 5-inch black stiletto for example would work perfectly well in absolutely every type of event. From a Christmas family reunion to a full on New Years Eve all-night party. As long as you will feel comfortable of course.

However, if the event will have you standing for a long time, then it is better to opt for lower heels. Unless your feet are well trained.

The same stands if there will be dancing. Unless you feel quite comfortable dancing in very high heels, it is best to opt for lower ones that will be easier for you. You may think you won’t look as good as in a pair of 6-inchers, but you will feel better, walk and dance better, thus you will look better.

If you simply must be on as high heels as possible, then go for ones with a platform for the toes. This will lower the angle on your ankles while keeping you high. Platform high heels though are suitable for clubs and private parties. They won’t really go well for a buisness party or some other types of official events where protocol and elegance is above being sexy.

If you are going out with friends and will be driven to the place, then you can go for you most favorite sky high heels. For clubs all kinds of heels are suitable as long as you feel comfortable in them. Bright colors, straps, platforms, wedges, you name it.

If you are a fan of boots, you have a few options. A pair of classic black leather knee high boots will do fine in almost all occasions unless we are talking about a strictly official event where formal wear is required. That is unless you’d be wearing a closed floor length dress. Then it doesn’t really matter what shoes you wear as long as they “click” on the floor like high heels.

Boots are also suitable for clubs and dancing. Since they give a better support on the ankle, you might feel more comfortable dancing and standing up for longer times.

As for what types of boots to opt for, it depends on the event. Thigh high boots are better off for private parties and clubs. Knee highs are more universal while booties are better also for clubs and casual events.

Have more questions, comments or need advice? Let us know in the comments below.

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