What types of shoes you should wear every day

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What types of shoes you should wear every dayYou probably have heard it is not good to wear one type of shoes all the time. Most often this applies to high heels, but actually it is true for all shoes.

A rule of thumb for pretty much everything is that you must use with moderation. This applies to shoes, too. If you keep your feet in killer high heels day after day and neglect the pain thinking it’s normal, you will be going to the podiatrist much sooner than you would have thought.

Then again, if you keep walking in flats all the time, you will again risk havoc on your feet. The point is, if you wear only one type of shoe all the time, in the end you will risk not being able to wear anything else, because your feet will be deformed and it will be painful. You can also lose the arch of your feet, so you need flats with arch support or use gel pads to provide it.

Instead pick the shoes carefully according to the day ahead. For a day in the office you can opt for pumps if you are going to spend most of the time sitting. For the walk or the drive to work you can use trainer, stylish flats. Of course many women prefer to go to work in their high heels, as getting noticed is a big part of the reason why we wear heels.

In this case, opt for lower heels or ones with wider heel. They will give more balance and not put so much pressure on your feet. This is also valid if you will have to spend a lot of time standing or walking but you must be in high heels.

We know, that the temptation to opt for you best and sexiest high heels is big. But remember that if you are in pain, then there’s no much reasoning to do it… unless you like this sort of thing… Most likely you don’t, so if you can’t handle sky high killer heels for a long time and be comfortable in them, simply don’t wear them for a long time. Opt for something that will make you look AND feel great. It will be much more attention grabbing than simply your sexy high heels but tired, grumpy face from the pain they caused you.

The best choice for long days walking are shoes with one to two inch heels. Trainers are also a nice option, but if you wear only trainers, then your feet will get too gentle and won’t be able to handle other shoes that well. Being way too comfy isn’t always that good.

The trick – moderation. Opt for different shoes throughout the week. This will not only make your feet feel better and be more fit, but it will allow you to expand your style and fashion choices even further instead of locking yourself in only one or two styles.

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