What will happen with high heels in 2019

What will happen with high heels in 2019High heels have had a tough time for a while now. So, a new year began and the question is – what will it be like for our beloved heels?

According to many sites and bloggers, high heels are going out of style. The sales of such shoes are also not as great as they were a few years ago.

Still, there are plenty of women who continue to wear them on a regular basis. We don’t even need to count celebrities in this. Critics of heels often say that it’s only celebrities who continue to wear high heels and they give them an unrealistic image.

On one hand, they are somewhat right. Most celebs can get away with wearing the craziest of high heels. Kendall Jenner for example recently rocked shiny leather pants and transparent pumps to a basketball game. For Kendall, that’s pretty much a norm. For a regular woman, well, she will draw a lot of attention and probably a lot of critics saying she’s trying too hard.

On the other hand, critics also say that high heels just don’t work in everyday life despite what the celebs are portraying. Clearly they are wrong as there are millions of women who rock heels daily. Of course, they don’t wear the glamorous sky high heels all the time. The true daily heels are lower, often wide and give plenty of support.

Basically it’s a matter of picking your moments. There’s a time an a place for all types of shoes. And, as we’ve said for years, people should be free to wear what they want and not be ridiculed or shamed for.

Despite that, you can expect 2019 to be much like 2018 when it comes to high heels. Lots of claims they are going away and lots of women still wearing them. Celebrities will also continue to rock wild and crazy heels.

As for trends, it seems that pastel colors, modernism and square toes are going to the among the popular choices for designers. With that said, there’s one age-old fashion staple – if the outfit is elegantly matched, styled and properly worn, it doesn’t matter whether it uses the latest trends or not. It will still be a great one.

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