What your high heels say about you

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What your high heels say about you
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Ever got strange looks when you wear a particular pair of high heels? Most likely. The reason is people tend to make assumptions about you based on your heels.

We’ve seen quite a few women that prance around in killer heels enjoying the attention but somehow not fully realizing what people are actually thinking (especially most men). Thus this often leads to the awkward situations of receiving offers for “coffee or something more” by people who have made the wrong assumptions.

It may sound a bit far-fetched for some and pretty obvious for others, but people really do tend to judge women according to the type of shoes they wear. Here are some of the most often assumptions we’ve heard and have gathered.

What your high heels say about you

Often the entire outfit also has a saying in the assumption. But generally people seem to have a preset of opinons for the various types of shoes that they assume always no matter what the rest of the outfit is.

For example a pair of over-the-knee boots are almost always associated with wanting to attract a special kind of attention. Even if you have paired your thigh high boots with a classy dress, the first assumption of most people will be that you are looking for some action. On the other hand, OTK boots also often send a message that their wearer is very confident and is someone who knows what she wants.

High heeled booties also tend to reside on the “hot to the touch” end of the scale. Especially booties with thin high heels and/or platforms. Even when paired with a business skirt and suit, they will still add a splash of sexyness, that sometimes can be mistaken for trying to draw the “certain” type of attention.

Classic pumps and stilettos on the other hand almost always are received as sending a message that their wearer is a woman that dresses and acts the part and wants to look stylish and elegant.

Chunky heels are a little tricky. Most men tend not to like their look, while ladies tend to like them because they are more comfortable to walk. What ladies also think is that their wearer is someone who is not only practical but following the trends (as we know chunky heels were one of the major trends for Fall/Winter 2014-15). Most men don’t know the trends so they almost always assume that the wearer of a pair of chunky heels is simply going for a casual look.

Then there are the colors of the shoes. High heels in bold colors are usually thought to be saying “I am confident” and you don’t run away from the attention. High heels generally tend to make a woman look and feel more confident and when you add a bolder color it says you mean business.

If your heels or boots have extra details on them, like bows, buckles, zippers and so on it may say you are trying too hard. It all depends on the accessories actualy. Bows or flowers often send a girly-girl message. Buckles and zippers tend to go in the “looking for something” part of the table. The same goes for prints.

Now these are not fashion tips or ideas. They are some of the most common assumptions people make, This doesn’t mean you should not dress in a certain way or wear certain high heels just because of what somebody may think. It is simply to give you an idea of what people may think which could make it easier to pick the right outfits for the given occasions.

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