Which are the most dangerous clothes and shoes

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Which are the most dangerous clothes and shoes

Believe it or not, clothes and shoes can indeed be dangerous for your health. That is, if you wear only or predominately them and don’t diversify. Check them out.

The fashion world has given us so many different types of clothes and shoes we can’t even try to count them. But not all of them are ideal to wear, especially for longer periods of time, Dr. Hilary Jones says in front of BT.

Jones gives a list of the most dangerous clothes and shoes and also shows the reasons why is that.

Surprise, surprise, high heels are not the most dangerous shoes. Turns out that “title” goes to… flip flops. According to Jones flip flops are among the most harmful shoes out there. Their lack of support can cause problems in the arch and heel of the foot. This includes possible inflammation of tissue on the bottom of the foot, bone problems, arch and heel pain. The rubber summer staples can also alter the way you walk which can bring in pain in the hips, knees and/or back.

Second on the list are Flatforms.They are sturdy and way to rigid which limits the movement of the foot. They are also prone to slip and makes them tricky to walk on uneven surfaces so you have a higher risk of falling even if you manage to distribute your weight across the toes.

Third on the list a the stilettos. The higher the heel, the more weight is being placed on the balls of the feet thus it is more likely to cause pain. Bunions, hammer toes and nerve damage are amongst the possible problems if you wear heels that are too tight and too tall for you.

Now for the clothes. The top of the list goes for skinny jeans. This can cause nerve damage on the nerves that run on the outer part of the thigh. This will cause numbness, tingling and pain to your legs. Need more? Skinny jeans can also be the cause of a yeast infection. So it is better that they fit comfortably, not squeezing your legs.

The same goes for shapewear. Lots of ladies feel the need to shape their bodies with suck-me-in pats, corsets and so on. If you wear such clothes for too long, you can cause bloating and will be crushing your intestines. The key is again to wear fitting, but not squeezing clothes.

And something that the guys should pay attention, too – ties and tight shirt collars. They can limit circulation to the head and can cause headaches and blurry vision. They also limit the movement and cause tension on the back and shoulders. Solution – yet again, don’t tighten the tie or collar.

Finally, the last dangerous clothing item is… the thongs. Especially ones that are too tight (again…). Their rough seams can cause chafing and breaks in the sensitive skin which increases the risk of bacterial infections and fungal growth. Ths solution is to soften the edges with olive oil or vitamin E oil. And of course, to wear better fitting ones.

As always, these risks can be greatly reduced if you diversify your clothing and footwear choices. Wear a wider arrange of clothes and shoes and you should be fine.

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