Who is the designer who makes Lady Gaga’s crazy high heels

Who is the designer who makes Lady Gaga's crazy high heels
Blond Ambition high heels | Image credit: Kobi Levi Footwear Art

Ever wondered who makes Lady Gaga’s crazy high heels? You are about to find out. And if you may just be able to get your hands on a pair of those heels.

That is if you have big spare cash to throw around, since they are not cheap. Not even slightly. But we are getting way ahead.

Shoe designer Kobi Levi is the person behind some of Lady Gaga’s most crazy high heels. They started working together for Gaga’s video “Born this way” as he made her those crazy boots. Until then Levi was simply designing high heels for a hobby and had never actually sold even one pair, Haaretz reports.

That was back in 2011. Today, Levi is seeing a booming business. He is still teaching design classes to augment his income, but also says he earns enough to make a living out of his crazy high heels. He could probably make some really big sales if he lowers the prices, but for him the exclusivity is part of the game. And he views his creations more like art than simple shoes. So if you want those Blond Ambition high heels you will have to spend well above 3000 dollars for them. Still, there are pairs that he sells for about 800 dollars. It all depends on the complexity and how famous the given pair is.

“I like to blend the line between art and design. Artists can say my shoes aren’t art because they are a wearable product, and designers can say they’re not design because they don’t follow trends and they don’t serve customers. And I can say to them, you’re both right. You can fight about it or not, and I don’t care”, Levi says. It’s basically what you would expect to hear from an art person.

Levi says he has always been drawn to shoes and was sketching them from a young age. When he started making shoes, he used his onw feet for guidance and measures.

“I never imagined that somebody would want to buy these shoes. I never thought about the things you’re supposed to think about, like what the customer needs or how you give them what they’re looking for. I don’t design thinking ‘this is a shoe for work’ or ‘this is a shoe for a wedding.’ I just do it for myself”, he admits.

You can check out all of his shoes right here. Keep in mind he makes each pair himself and by hand and when ordered. He keeps no stock inventory. Also, don’t expect his shoes to be comfortable. “It’s not supposed to be comfortable,” he says. “It’s supposed to be beautiful. You don’t wear them to jog. You wear them to look great.” And you will look great.

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