Who wore high heels better – Rihanna or Bella Thorne

Silver ankle strapped high heels are very popular these days with lots of options. Who wore them better – Rihanna or Bella Thorne? Let’s find out!

Both celebrities were recently spotted rocking silver ankle strapped high heels. They had put their own personal taste and touch into the outfits which made them even better. But who wore the heels better?

First, let’s check out Rihanna. She was at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica recently. She was wearing the said stylish silver ankle-strapped high heels paired with a gorgeous long red suede dress and a black leather jacket. Rihanna also had her hair loose and looked simply flawless.

Bella on the other hand was rocking silver strapped heels with closed toes, but the toe box had some interesting design on it. The rest of her outfit was consisting of a fitted short black skirt and a yellow sweater top with a collared shirt under it. Overall a great outfit that combines well stylish and casual. She looked great for her Today show appearance.

So who wore it better? It is definitely a very close one. We know we have been quite high on Bella Thorne for a while. She even won the high heel celebrity of the week just yesterday. But in the end we have to give a slight edge to Rihanna. She looks a little bit more stylish and further proves that she has a very wide fashion range. Bella is also great looking, but in this case Rihanna takes the cake.

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