Why platform heels are ideal for this spring

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Why platform heels are ideal for this spring
Image credit: Jimmy Choo

Platform heels are shaping up to be a late arrival for the spring 2015 trends. This is good though as these shoes might just be ideal for the spring time.

As Independent points out, last year the trend was for somewhat ugly shoes which saw pool-sliders and Birkenstock-inspired styles outsell heels. But this hear everything seems to be getting back to normal and designers returned to the lofty heights of sky high heels.

This great for those of us who prefer the sleek look of proper high heels. But we also know that sky high heels are a challenge for a lot os ladies. This is where platform heels come.

The added height of the platform basically lowers the heel height your feet are experiencing. For example if you are wearing 5 inch heels with a 2 inch platform, your feet are basically walking on 3 inch heels, but you still get the full height of the 5 inch heels. This makes these shoes much more comfortable and easy on the feet while keeping you sky high.

If you opt for a chunky heel, you could actually feel properly comfortable. But if you can handle them, nothing beats a platform shoe with thin heels. An ankle strap is an extra way to make them even more comfy.

So why are platform heels ideal for this spring? For one spring is the time when you walk more, go out more and spend more time on your feet. Having a comfortable shoe is vital and if you want to look sexy and comfortable, then platform heels might just be the answer.

If we go by other trends, denim is back. Pairing denim with sexy platform heels is a great way to add some punch to a casual oufit. Platforms are also a good way to make your legs look longer and sleeker, which is ideal for pairing with classic spring dresses. For a more causal look you can pair such a dress with platform wedges too.


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