Women are not walking properly in high heels, says a man

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Women are not walking properly in high heels, says a manLadies, you are all walking wrong in your high heels and that’s why you are having problems. This is what a man, who has tried to wear heels is saying.

Wiliam Hanson is an expert on etiquette and he says women are getting it wrong when it comes to wearing high heels. “Most of you don your heels and wobble about thinking that just because you have a pair of expensive-looking footwear on you, everything will fall into place. If you can’t manage to stay upright and look elegant then it’s perhaps best you don’t graduate above one or two inches”, writes Hanson for the Daily Mail.

But he’s not going to let you off that easily. Hanson gets even more direct. “So many of you (35s and under, mainly) are getting it badly wrong: goodness only knows what it’s doing to your feet and leg muscles. If the posture is okay, the gait isn’t, and vice versa.Some of you look highly medicated when you teeter down high streets on a night out – the lack of length and tightness of your skirts not helping, either”, he writes.

So he says he got a pair of 4-inch stilettos and entrusted the help of Pam Holt in order to learn to walk in high heels. After a lot of training Hanson is saying that there are a few key factors that are vital if you want to walk properly in high heels.

He says picking the right shoes is important (you don’t say). He also thinks that you should not wear heels above 4-inches. He is right that many women the higher the heel, the sexier they look. This can be true only if you walk in them properly. Otherwise you achieve the exact opposite each time you make step.

A nifty trick to put on the heels better, according to Pam Holt, is to wiggle your toes as you slip into the shoes. This will make it easier for them to spread out and settle in.

Next, remember your posture. Roll your shoulders back. Your hands should fall behind the side seam of your pants or skirt. Your chin has to be parallel to the floor.

Clench your bottom, tip your pelvis slightly up. Let the hips move. Your waist should be straight and motionless. Now you have the proper posture which is vital.

Next up, walking. Push your weight through the pelvis. Your ankle gets lifted up, knee bent and then straighten onto the floor. A traditional walk is heel-toe, and whilst in heels this is still true, it shouldn’t be as pronounced as when in flat shoes, says Hanson.

Try to walk in as straight line as possible. Put one foot in front of the other. It’s OK to have a slight deviation as you will not look robotic like a catwalk model. Keep the heel on the imaginary straight line and place the toe just a bit to the side. And remeber to walk gracefully and not rush.

Bonus tips

– Correct stance – line up your heels and leave a two-three inch gaps between them. Right foot a little in front of the left. Toes pointing in differen directions.

– Start walking with your right foot (for some reasons Hanson thinks it is better).

– Develop a rythm in your walk. Keep to medium-lenght strides.

– When you have to turn, swivel on the toes of your left foot. Why? So you can set off on your right foot again.

– When seating, cross your legs by resting one ankle on the other leg’s shin.

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