Women are painting the bottom of their nails red as Louboutin heels

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A new trend has popped up on the internet – Louboutin nails. The idea is simple, paint the bottom of your nails red like the soles of Louboutin heels. Why?

Well… why not? The real reason is the newly released Christian Louboutin nail polish. We’ve known for it for a while

Surprisingly it looks quite good actually. So Louboutin nails is now an official trend. Naturally some ladies are pairing their Louboutin nails with their Louboutin high heels. But that is not a mandatory part of the trend so you can wear other shoes as well.

Tin the mean time here are some of the best color combinations for Louboutin nails.

Louboutin Nails

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This one is also rather nice.

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A classic.

Some ladies are even more daring.

Feel free to experiment

It is definately an interesting trend. It may not be up to everyones tastes but you can’t deny it is an unique idea and it can look rather good when done right.

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