Women feel most confident at age 31

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Women feel most confident at age 31A new research has found out when women feel most confident, most loved, most sexy. These times come at a different age, but the love for high heels carries on.

The survey points out that women feel best at age 31. This the time when they fell overall most confident. 58% of the 1000 women in the survey said they feel they look the best at age 31. 45% said they also feel most loved and 43% added they also feel like they have a secure network of friends.

Despite that, women say they feel their bodies are most sexy at age 26. When they reach 40 and above, most women feel like they are earning enough money and are more at ease with their looks even if they start gaining weight, the research by Special K says.

The research also set out to find what makes women feel more confident. It turns out if you like high heels now, you will always like them. 23% of women of all ages say they feel more confident when they put on a party dress and wear high heels.

Topping the list is thinking positively (54% of the answers), followed by freshly washed hair (48%) and a full night’s sleep (42%). It is the little things that matter, ladies.

Don’t believe us? 71% of the ladies say spending time in the sunshine makes them feel happy. This was followed by the simple act of making someone laugh (64 per cent), getting a compliment from a stranger (55 per cent) and hearing their favourite song on the radio (53 per cent).

Naturally women love shopping. A total 62% of them say they get a real thrill and make their day if they find a bargain in a store.

The wide-ranging research also found that the activity that made women of all ages the happiest was a simple one – reading (64 per cent), the Daily Mail reports.This was followed by watching movies and cooking (both 46 per cent), gardening (39 per cent) and travelling (41 per cent).Asked at what milestone they felt most confident, women answered having their first child (18 per cent), getting married (17 per cent) and getting into university (12 per cent).

So there you have it, ladies. The simple things will make you happy, without even realizing it. So… put on a pair of high heels and go spend some time in the sunshine with a loved one.

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