Would you dare to give these roller skate high heels a go?

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Would you dare to give these roller skate high heels a go?Fashion is great. For the most part. It’s also an art. And as an art, there are some strange mixes between form, function, style and visual. Sometimes the results of that gives us things like these roller skate high heels.

Fashion house Saint Laurent has created these unique daring shoes. But they aren’t daring just for the looks.

Oh, no. They are daring for their function, too. You see, they are quite real roller skate high heels.

If balancing on a pin-thin high heel is too easy for you, then how about to add an extra challenge? How about balancing a pin-thin heel on a set of wheels?

The roller skate high heels even have all the needed equipment of roller skates. This includes the front stopper. And the front heels have a tiny shock absorber, too.

The back wheels are connected to the heel via a steel rod. We imagine they are also strengthened the arch of the shoe to prevent wobbling. And also to prevent the back wheels to try and go in a different direction.

Saint Laurent roller skate high heels

If you dare to give the Saint Laurent roller skate high heels a go, you can. You only have to shell out 1995 British Pounds Sterling for them.

Yep, those are some quite expensive roller skates. But then again, they are also quite unique. And they come in two distinct designs, as well.

We doubt the owners of these heels will every give them a roll other than a few inches on a really smooth surface at home. Saint Laurent, probably expects the same and to have the shoes mostly as an visual piece of fashion art. But then again, we also are pretty sure there’s a few brave daredevils out there who will risk it all and try those roller heels outside. We’re scared even at the thought of that

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