Yay or Nay: Demi Lovato’s ripped jeans outfit and silver high heels in New York

Demi Lovato loves to experiment with different styles and outfits. Sometimes they are stunning, other times they are… well, questionable like this one.

A few days ago Demi Lovato was seen leaving her hotel in New York. She looked both good, and unusual all thanks to her outfit.

It was definitely an interesting outfit. On first glance, it looked like a classic jean suit. But it’s actually quite a lot more complex than that.

The outfit featured an oversized orange jacket which had a ripped look around the edges. Demi also opted to keep the jacket slouched on her left shoulder so much that it was actually showing her bra.

Then the pants. They were also quite unusual. In fact, they were cut at the thighs and then reattached with metal clips. The pant-legs also had scuffed edges at the lower ends.

Demi then added some extra style to her look with a pair of silver peep-toe booties. They featured some great, needle-thin heels which Demi rocked with visible ease.

Her overall look was also quite impressive. She kept her hair in a ponytail, but left most of it loose and spilling over her shoulder. Demi also opted for accented smoked eyeshadows and delicate lip gloss. Some silver rings and big oversized earrings completed her look.

So, Yay or Nay for Demi’s outfit? On the whole, she did look great. But the outfit is still unusual and would probably only work for celebrities.

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