Yay or Nay – Dua Lipa in high heels at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

We love high heels, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are suitable for certain events. This is our new feature – “Yay or Nay” for outfits that may or may not really work.

Dua Lipa was recently at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. She opted for an interesting outfit which certainly did look great on her as a whole, but somehow it may not be right.

Dua rocked a long revealing dress which was well fitted and showed off her long legs… as well as other bits. On its own, the dress looked great, but also looked almost like a bath robe.

Something similar goes on with Lipa’s high heels. They were pink and strapped and looked good. But also looked like bath slippers. Maybe that was Dia’s goal with her outfit?

Maybe not. We don’t know. That’s why we go “yay or nay” for this outfit that works, but also sort of doesn’t.

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