Yay or Nay: Emma Robert’s semi-transparent outfit at the 68th National Book Awards in NY

Emma Roberts has a new look and style and it seems to be going towards the daring end of the scale. She showed it off at the 68th National Book Awards in NY.

Emma seemingly wanted to change the notion of the National Book Awards and spice it up. She was wearing a long checkered dress which on first glance was classic and even restricted.

But on second glance you would see that the dress was actually semi-transparent. So it left little hidden from Emma.

The dress was actually in interesting combination. With its checkered pattern and the vintage-style bow and colors, it looked somewhat in place at the event.

The dress reached the floor and even had a train following Emma behind her. It’s made by Ulyana Sergeenko and on the whole it look good. But is the sheer transparent part too much?

Emma wasn’t done though. She was rocking a pair of sky high heels with a front foot strap. They had pointed toes and thin, very high heels which were for sure a challenge when negotiating this long dress. Still, Emma managed with ease.

She also showed off more of her new look. Her hair is now even shorter and she opted for accenting eyeliner and a dash of lip gloss. On the whole, definitely an interesting look. Is it Yay or Nay?

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