Yay or Nay – Nicole Scherzinger in thigh high boots and a peacock dress

Nicole Scherzinger is no stranger to the daring outfits. Usually she gets them perfectly, but sometimes even she can have a miss. Maybe this peacock dress and thigh high boots.

Nicole was at the The Global Gift Gala in London. After it she headed to Tape night club, also in London.

It’s during that time when the photographers saw her once again in this outfit. An outfit which has us a bit confused.

Nicole opted for a long silk dress which looked like the tail of a peacock. It also spread like one when she walked, revealing her entire legs.

The said legs were wrapped in a pair of stylish black leather thigh high boots. Now, we love the boots. We love them a lot. But we are not sure that even they can save this outfit.

The dress is a bit too revealing for us. Or maybe we’ve just awaken on the wrong side of the bed today?

Nicole seemed to like her dress quite a lot. She looked confident and had a great time. We liked her accenting makeup and eyeshadows, too. Maybe it’s just the color of the dress that has us a bit off. Yay or Nay?

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